Can customers easily find your business?

I enjoy walking around Wangaratta: clean air, exercise, time to let the mind wander. But often my thoughts are interrupted when a car pulls up and one of its occupants asks for directions to a particular business, service or event.

Sometimes I know where the business is and send the driver off in its general direction. Other times I have not heard of it and have to apologise for my ignorance. As they drive off, I wonder if they will end up where they want to go.

Often while I talk to the driver one of the car’s occupants is fiddling with their smart phone, perhaps trying to get directions to the business they are seeking.

But maybe that business didn’t have a website.

Or maybe the business’s details are hidden on one of those directories of the so called best traddies or restaurants or rat whisperers in Wangaratta. I don’t know about you, but those directories irritate the hell out of me. Many of the businesses don’t seem to be still operating or have nothing to do with the directories subject, while those that do often have little more than the name of a business, without even an address or phone number.

But if that business those car occupants were looking for did have its own website, my walk would probably never have had to be interrupted as the passenger would have quickly found the business’ address and used the website’s Google map to figure out how to get there.

Enabling customers to find your business is one of the primary reasons a business should have at least a basic website. One that tells a potential customer what the business does, where it is, and the contact details for the business.

So if you want to be found, and don’t have a website, contact Wangaratta Website Design Services.




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