My website design business is up and running

Hi everyone,

After weeks of preparation, Wangaratta Website Design Services is set to commence business on the 26th of March. My decision to set up a website design business is the result of my completion of a BA in Internet Communications last year. I very much enjoyed the challenge and creativity of the various web design components of the degree.

Wangaratta Website Design Services will concentrate on small businesses and authors. Why authors? I hear you ask, well I am a writer (I have a Master in Creative Writing) and have spent a lot of time looking at author websites. In my opinion most were uninspiring. They aren’t that aesthetic appealing, and many give you no clue, until you read a bit, what genre the author is writing. An author’s website has to let a potential reader know straight away what they write before a reader can click away from their site.

For small businesses, I can offer you the understanding of someone who has an economics degree and knows the economic benefits of having a website. Around about 50% of businesses currently have a website. Last year the amount of internet sales increased 13% and is only going to increase more. To me, a website is a great place for potential customers to peruse your goods and services, 24 hours a day. They can then either purchase your goods and services online, make appointments to see you, ask for quotes, or even find out where your store is and its opening hours so they can come and visit you. You can also integrate your website with your social media. People can visit your Facebook page and if their interest is piqued and they want to know more about what you have for sale, they can use a link from your Facebook page to your website, anytime they like.

So, check out my website, which will grow over the next few months as I add more examples of my work. If you want someone who will make a site suited to your needs either ring or email me, or use the contact form on the website to contact me.

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    1. Hi Daryl,

      The coronavirus is a real worry. I very much hope that the coronavirus is stopped, that they discover a vaccine soon. More people may start shopping online because of it and perhaps even increase the demand for my services from businesses wanting to create an online presence, but I would prefer that the virus is controlled and eliminated.

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